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Our 1 gallon demijohns are available in all flavours. 

Labelled jug as standard, with hand-painted jugs available on request.



Wingman - Our traditional full bodied cider with rich apple notes 6.2%

Gator 24 - Rhubarb and Ginger combined to make a morishly warm and rich cider 4%

Honey Belle - Light, traditional & fresh with a gorgeously sweet finish  4%

Elder 24 - Sweet elderflower, soft and aromatic with light apple juiciness 4%

Dolly Pink - Refreshing Rasberry Cider 4%

Perry Winkle - Bold citrus zingy flavours - lovely over ice 4% 

Cinnamon Lil - Can be enjoyed chilled or warmd through with a slice of orange & some cloves 4%

Horsham Blush - Sweet, refreshing strawberry flavoured cider; easy to drink and light on the palate 4%

1 gallon demijohn

  • Delivery within Norfolk or collection only.

    Due to the fragility of the glass, we only deliver these in Norfolk. They will be hand-delivered by us. Any orders for delivery outside Norfolk may be cancelled.

    Note that the actual weight of this item is around 6 kg. 

    Finally, please note that hand-painted jugs will add 1-2 weeks.

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